About Malte C. Ebach BSc (UoN), MSc (Sydney), PhD (Melbourne)


Malte C. Ebach has published extensively on the history, theory and methodology of biological systematics, taxonomy and biogeography. His research has taken him to various institutions and universities worldwide, where he has generated a large network of colleagues across science, IT, bioinformatics and the philosophy of biology. So far, Malte has written over 100 scientific articles , including 7 books, a series of popular science articles and opinion pieces for high ranking journals. He is an editor for the Journal of Biogeography and Zootaxa as well as a reviewer for over 20 journals. In 2010, Malte and his co-author Lynne R. Parenti were recipients of the Smithsonian’s Secretary Prize for the text-book Comparative Biogeography.

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2014 - 2015   Senior Lecturer & Deputy Director: PANGEA, School of BEES, UNSW
2014 - 2015   Senior Lecturer: School of BEES, UNSW
2010 - 2013   ARC Future Fellow: School of BEES, UNSW
2008 - 2009   Postdoctoral Fellow: School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University
2006 - 2008   Scientific Coordinator: Botanical Garden & Botanical Museum, FU Berlin
2005 - 2006   Postdoctoral Fellow: Laboratoire Informatique et Systématique, University of Paris
2004             Visiting Researcher: Institute of Botany, University of Copenhagen
2004             Visiting Fellow: Institute of Botany, University of Vienna
2004 -           Scientific Associate: Buffalo State Museum, New York
2002 - 2003   Postdoctoral Fellow: Department of Botany, Natural History Museum, London
2000 - 2002   PhD: School of Botany, University of Melbourne
1997 - 1999   MSc: School of Geosciences, University of Sydney


2014 -           Associate Editor: Australian Systematic Botany, CSIRO Publishing
2013 -           Editor: Phytotaxa, Magnolia Press
2010 -           Editor: Zootaxa, Magnolia Press
2008 -           Editor-in-Chief: Species & Systematics, University of California Press
2004 -           Editor: Journal of Biogeography, Blackwell-Wiley
2007 - 2010   Co-editor: Biogeografia
2003 - 2005   Editor: The Systematist: Newsletter of the Systematics Association, London


2012 -            Member: Society of Australian Systematic Biologists
2011 -            Member: The International Biogeography Society.
2007 - 2010    Member: Taxonomic Database Working Group (TDWG).
2006 – 2010   President: Systematic and Evolutionary Biogeographical Association (SEBA)
2001 -            Member: Willi Hennig Society.
2003 – 2006   Council member: The Systematics Association, London
1997 -            Member: Geological Society of Australia (Association of Australasian Palaeontologists)

GEOS3017 Life on a Dynamic Earth (Convenor) UNSW
BIOS3221 Assembling the Tree of Life (Convenor Prof. Gerry Cassis) UNSW
BIOS2031 Invertebrate Zoology (Convenor A/Prof. Alistair Poore) UNSW
BIZ5714 Comparative Biogeography (with Prof. Marcelo de Carvalho) University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.